How You Can Help Polar Bears in the Arctic Today?

How crucial is the sea ice environment for polar bears?

Polar bears spend nearly their entire life cycles on the surface of the sea ice. They very rarely come on territory over most of their range. To know more about polar bear protection, visit

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For polar bears, melting polar ice means less access for their food. The reduction of polar ice negatively affects polar bears' energy stability. They simply have access to their own seal prey from the surface of the ice since polar bears are not great enough swimmers to hunt seals from open water.

If the polar ice is gone constantly every winter, polar bears spend more time becoming food deprived and have to reside stored body fat for longer intervals. There's a limitation to just how long they could do this.

Just how do you believe the average citizen could save polar bears?

The crucial issue is to decrease carbon emissions. Approximately half of our CO2 output stems in heating and cooling. For each level a family reduces its thermostat setting, it could save as much as 3% in electricity costs.

This means 3 percentage savings in CO2 emissions. If we really wish to save polar bears, we will need to scale those economies. This implies leadership from the maximum policy levels which will require transition into renewable energy resources, promising we all are decreasing our carbon footprints. Walking, riding bicycles, and with more mass transit rather than driving also help reduce emissions.

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